Tuesday, 10 February 2009

February is an odd month

Usually I look forward to February: it has Candlemas, one of my favourite festivals because I love light; it has Valentine's day , the day I got married on; it's a short month; and the days get longer - hoorah! But maybe it's the recent cold weather; somehow February lacks appeal this year....

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  1. Thought a poem might cheer you up:


    It’s early and dark and there’s heavy snow: acres of snow –
    though how can something so fragile have weight?

    Last April a sweet shower came piercing all roots –
    winter in springtime with blossom and late daffodils.

    Now doors are flung open, the world tumbles out. There are
    tracks in the whiteness and footprints as big as Goliath’s.

    For this is February now, not spring, a time to eat cabbage,
    green kale and cake. And this is Candlemas, season

    of candles and we’re at the point in between. Now men predict
    the weathers to come as badger and groundhog peep out

    of their holes, wander abroad to seek sun. Elsewhere
    on this planet are bushfires that ravage, sands that are golden

    and burn. Here, in my corner, it’s cryptic and quiet:
    No groundhog may witness his shadow on winter-white lawns.