Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Little red boots

The February snow has gone from most places now. My small granddaughter met snow for the first time and didn't like it one bit. We thought she might do what Kit Wright's poem says of Mary Lou in the poem 'Red Boots On', who in her red boots goes 'kicking up the winter till the winter's gone'. But no, she did not!
But someone must have because it feels like winter has almost gone: yesterday I saw so many crocuses in bud in nearby gardens, it seemed as if they had just popped up overnight; the sun was out and the birds were madly competing for air space. It was wonderful.
I was delighted by Emgee's poem left as a comment on my second posting here. A joyful surprise, and I love surprises (of the good kind - but then, who doesn't?). And a very fine poem too. Thank you, Emgee

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