Monday, 18 May 2009

More Readings Etc

Can't believe that I was writing about growing vegetables recently; it's been so cold that even I am shrinking! And Time seems to have shrunk too, in that I never seem to have any.

There are two reasons for this (well, possibly three). The first reason is that The Poem Shed, a workshop group I run, have given a reading of our work and a mini-workshop at Little Sutton library this week: the lavish and warm hospitality we received from Kate Mason and her team of library staff has left me too overcome to even think about writing anything on this blog! Our thanks to them all and also, with congratulations, to the brave group of participants who had an enthusiastic go at celebrating themselves, as in the poem "Who is Who" by Tomaz Salamun, which begins bluntly: "Tomaz Salamun, you are a genius" - we all need a bit more positive thinking about ourselves.

Then Chester Performs, a wonderful group charged with responsiblity for drama and arts events in Chester, organised a film festival called Screen Deva, showing some excellent films in different venues in Chester. I simply had to go to Oddfellows to see "Some Like it Hot" and feel partly embarassed and partly proud to admit that I have seen this film about 18-19 times now, and still love it. I could not go to see "Manhattan", another film I adore, because I'm not a young mum with a baby in a pushchair and this was a Baby Deva event! But I did get to see "La Vita e Bella", held in Olio and Farina's restaurant-cum-Italian deli, and treated a friend and myself to a meal beforehand, the best lasagna we've ever eaten. Another great film to add to my 'see-again' list. And why not? We're only here once - so make the most of everything.

Well , after all this excitement it was time to calm down on Saturday morning and get myself to Bebington library to the Liverpool Dead Good Poets Society reading group and deliver a session on Sylvia Plath whose poetry I have always found so powerful and striking. I sincerely wish the quality of her work was not so much dogged by her life story and the various misconceptions of her famous marriage to Ted Hughes. I much prefer to look at her work for its own sake; I think it's the least any reader can do for a writer. When you think that at the time she was writing, mid-1950's to 60's, women poets did not get much of a look-in, then her writing is even more astonishing.

And now I am going off on a kind of second writers' retreat, at the Oak Barn in Shropshire, which can be found on the net under Oak Barn Workshops. I have written so many of my poems here; it has just that kind of peace a writer needs as if peace were painted or breathed lovingly into the walls. I thoroughly enjoy writing here and am going to spend the time considering how to shape my next book "The Plucking Shed" which is due for publication in 2010. That may seem a long way off but in view of how time seems to have contracted lately I really feel I'd better crack on! Time might shrink again....


  1. I enjoyed reading this Gill.
    Some lovely things happening.
    Hope you're writing as well as all this but hopefully your retreat at the Oak barn should guarantee some acorns..
    Take careX

  2. Thanks, Jan, perhaps if there are acorns I'll post them on these pages, or some of them...!!