Saturday, 20 June 2009


If you are near Chester on June 29th and have a free evening let me invite you to drop into Alexanders Jazztheatre Bar in Rufus Court (off Northgate St) at 8 pm and join me for an Open Mic Poetry Evening called ZEST! I shall be hosting it and almost everyone who wishes to gets a chance to read at least one poem. Even if you don't want to read you will have a very enjoyable time listening to a wide variety of work, including poems from our guest poet Alicia Stubbersfield.

We try to have a special guest at our Zest! evenings at least twice a year: in the past we have had Pat Borthwick, Chris Kinsey (BBC Wildife Magazine's poet of the year 2008), Matt Merritt, John Lindley, Andrew Rudd, Mandy Pannett, Maggie Norton and David Bateman.

When I say 'we' I mean the Zest! team who are myself together with Leih Steggall and Caroline Hawkridge.

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