Monday, 20 July 2009

This is one of my favourite places, The Oak Barn, in Shropshire, and this is where I will be this week as I am going to be the guest poet at a special concert given by Ludlow's "Larks" Community choir. I am really pleased to be asked back - I read here last year. But this year I am especially delighted to be doing this because they are going to sing one of my poems that has been set to music by Polly Bolton. This will be the second time this year I'll have had the pleasure of hearing one of my poems sung and, believe me, it is a truly uplifting experience. It transforms your poem not only into wonderful sound, but new meaning. The first time it happened for me, I was very close to tears, joyful, wonderful tears.

The poem I am going to hear sung is:


It pauses, then with a push of wings,
swims upward through the air,
all the time singing,
scattering notes like bright pennies,
bold in the copper sky.

Soon the lifting silhouette is gone.
All you can see now is the song.

This is the version of the poem that appeared in my pamphlet Uncertain Days, published by Happenstance Press. I hope next time I read it in public I'm not going to be expected to sing it...

And how apt that it is being sung by a choir called Larks!

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