Thursday, 15 October 2009

Red and Yellow

Went into the main Post Office recently and wasn't sure whether I was in the supermarket queue for the deli-counter or an airport. Most of the shelves for goods on sale had gone and there were groups of "love seats" - back to back spirals of seating - to either side of the doorway. In the centre of all this, a machine which issued tickets to notify you of your place in the queue for service. Hmm...

I have also been noticing that postmen, even on colder days, are wearing shorts. Is this simply a macho trend or is the P.O. too poor to afford the cloth for full-length trousers? No wonder we're heading towards a postal strike. Well, at least post-boxes and postal vans are still red.

Meanwhile everywhere you go in my city you are having to skirt round barriers and huge holes down which are yellow-coated gas engineers uncoiling great lengths of yellow plastic pipe.

And blithely uncaring of all this the yellowed autumn leaves are drifting cheerfully down and I'm busy scuffing my feet in them!

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