Monday, 1 February 2010


Can you believe it? More snow? Well, of course you can, it is still very early in the year, but I am wondering how many more times I'm going to have to sweep a path to the door...

And can you believe that if you do that and someone falls on your swept path you are liable? What about if I fall on my own swept path? What are we coming to? An accident used to be just that: an accident. Now it's a horrible process.

I have been busy lately trying to imagine a future in England where we don't have rain anymore and poet Juliet Wilson has kindly posted the results of one of my speculations on her poetry blog Bolts of Silk. Juliet has another blog, Crafty Green Poet, where all things to do with the environment are open to discussion. She also has a stunning and wonderful image of bare trees on it.


  1. Thanks for the mention of my blogs! I love your photo here! I wasn't surprised to find more snow yesterday and loved my train journey between Edinburgh and Glasgow, the fields all white, the trees all traced in snow...

  2. Thank you, Crafty Green Poet! Our snow didn't last long, only long enough for me to take this shot, and to discover that the word to describe the sound of first snow trodden underfoot was sighing or soughing as air was forced out of the layer, and then it crunched! But I imagine it must have been very beautiful round Edinburgh and Glasgow.