Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Visited Ellesmere in Shropshire last weekend to see the heronry. The Visitor's Centre have cameras trained on the nests and there were 2 nests with three young herons in. It is wonderful watching them, the young are fluffy and strangely ET-like with their long scraggy necks. I was told I could take pictures of the camera images but there were so many reflections from glass, screen, water etc this was the best shot I could get. But I'm posting it even though it's not perfect.
There are five meres in this part of Shropshire and it is known as the Shropshire Lake District. Ellesmere is an excellent place for watching birds: goosander, golden eye and tufted duck, herons, swans, coots, moorhens and mallards. And in Cremorne gardens around the lake which has a lot of woodland and rough clearings I have seen marsh tits.
The lake and gardens were given to the county by Baron Brownlow whose full name was Peregrine Francis Adelbert - isn't that a fantastic name!

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