Friday, 22 April 2011

Review of The Plucking Shed

Hoorah! A brief review of "The Plucking Shed" in Other Poetry says 'an astonishing focus on what, in the poems, seems to be the thinnest of gaps between human and non-human worlds......A very impressive achievement'

I have also had a great review from Abegail Morley on her wordpress site, and I know there will be one in the magazines Artemis 6 and Tears in the Fence, although with this latter I understand that David Caddy is having difficulty finding finance for the magazine. (If you're flush, make his day and buy a copy, or subscribe)

With Abegail's review I really felt my work had been understood. Occasionally people have dismissed my work as being about the domestic - it's not, it's far from that. It may take the domestic as a base but then it moves out to explore other things, often the brutality of nature red in tooth and claw, but frequently tempered by humour. It is as Helena Nelson has said "far from reassuring".

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