Monday, 19 September 2011


I have just discovered that a poem of mine is being used as a teaching example for 9-11 year-olds on the theme of Games, this year's chosen topic for National Poetry Day. The poem is "Football, Kuala Lumpur - you can find it on the Education link of the National Poetry Day website, or in my book "The Plucking Shed" (Cinnamon Press).

Alas, I am too tired to post it here at this moment; I'm just back from Cumbria, a trip that was a very generous birthday gift from my friend Ann. We went in her motor-home and I took my small dog along. The only game we played was "Quick! Stop the dog from getting out!" every time we opened the door. For an old dog - Asha is almost 16 - she's very nippy.

We had three days of very mixed weather- we visited Aira Force in the pouring rain and as we were coming down (once, of course, that we were soaked through!) the sun came out and created a double rainbow in the torrent of spray. Stunningly beautiful. We also had the great good luck to see a red squirrel, the first I have ever seen so I was thrilled - that alone was a perfect birthday gift so thank you, Ann, for making that possible!

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