Tuesday, 27 March 2012

St Milburga and the Much Wenlock Poetry Festival

On April 15th singer Polly Bolton, her choir Larks and I will be presenting a joint performance of poetry and song on the theme of water, home, and St Milburga, the 2nd Abbess of Much Wenlock Priory. The Priory is an impressive building, what remains of it(and quite a bit does). It is huge and must in its day have been the equivalent of a sky-scraper in modern times.

Our performance is part of this year's Much Wenlock Poetry Festival, the 3rd year of the festival which was founded by Anna Dreda of Wenlock Books. St Milburga has many legends associated with her: she is recorded as having burst into flame when praying for the life of a child; she has a well dedicated to her in the town of Much Wenlock and also at Stoke St Milborough. At the latter, legend says that she drove off a flock of geese that were ruining a crop in a field nearby, and she not only saved the crop but made it come to yield, ready for harvesting, overnight.

The goose is her signature and the picture above was taken at the Stoke St Milborough well; it's the ornamental finial on the hand-rail leading down to the well.

You will find details of the festival programme on the website:

www.wenlockpoetry festival.org

Among the many performers will be Paul Henry, Mario Petrucci, Ian Duhig, ourselves as above of course! Jackie Kay, Martin Figura. And for all the other glorious performers ( so many!) please check their website.

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