Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I have a new book due out next year: "Rise". It will be published by Cinnamon Press in May 2013. It deals with the fact that so far I have survived ovarian cancer, a cancer that was thought at first to be about to finish me off. But having had a run-in with this horrible disease you can never be confident of your luck continuing; it has a nasty habit of popping back to say hello. Anyway the book deals truthfully with some of the things I experienced and in my usual way I have tried to make it dispassionate and also bear a little wry humour. I am thinking about this because it is nearly Christmas and I am so lucky to be celebrating another Christmas during which I hope to see all of my family. Some of the friends I made during that awful time have not been so lucky. To all of you out there who are still, as the Irish say, "above ground", I would like to wish a very happy Christmas and good health in 2013.

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