Friday, 20 December 2013


I hate it when unwanted callers bang at my door-knocker - when I'm working on the pc I don't hear the doorbell which is why I had the door-knocker installed. Last weekend I had particular bother from people wanting to: cut the trees in my garden (I don't have any); trim the shrubs( I have loads of these); clean my driveway ( it has lots of wild strawberries growing through the paving blocks and I love them!). I am polite but firm in declining the offers.  But at 7pm when a doubtful lad claiming to be on "work experience" and standing on my step with a facial  expression like an abject wet dog I lost it, and told him in no uncertain terms to beat it. (He'd raised absolute hell with the door-knocker - making me think it  was time to 'bring out the dead', that the plague had returned, but no, the only plague was him.

So next evening when someone else clouted the knocker with an over-firm hand I got ready:  "N0 thank you," I said, "whatever it is I do not want it!" And promptly shut the door in the rather startled man's face.

Oh dear! It was the meter reader for gas and electricity. Obviously he was afraid to try the door again and have a repeat showdown  so he left me a polite card to say he'd called and I "was out", and that I could read my own meter and e-mail in the figures. Which I forgot to do.

Very doubtful that he might come across this blog but if he were to I'd like to apologise and wish him and everyone else, including the tree fellers, the shrub cutters, driveway washers, even the dubious young man


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