Thursday, 8 May 2014

Flat Roof, drip drip

For a couple of weeks now my flat roof, a large area of same over kitchen and small "sun-room" (where is the sun?) has been leaking. Finally found a splendid roofer and his son who have now sheeted the whole roof and secured it against leaks until the sun returns and they can finish the job of renewing it. R S Roofing, in case anyone wants to know!   Feel much more relaxed each time I leave the house. It's raining heavily this morning and I have to go out tonight to be a guest writer for Janine Pinion's Creative Writing class in B'head. It will be so pleasant not to worry about drip, drip, drip!!

I look forward to meeting them all. I'll read some of my work to them, talk briefly about my writing life and set them a short exercise to do with doors. We don't think much about doors, do we, but how many times a day do we walk through them? As Charles Tomlinson wrote:" too little/ has been said/of our coming and leaving by them."

I find doors really interesting; some invite, some repel. Church doors for instance- occasionally you have to use so much muscle to get one open you think it's not surprising the numbers at church services are falling off....There's a door into Hawarden Park in Hawarden that's really Alice in Wonderland: it's a  massive studded gate with a little pedestrian door set into it. I always expect to enter another world when I go through it!

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