Thursday, 19 June 2014


Sometimes it's good to stop and consider what you've achieved so far/ recently/ this year/ last year/etc.

I remember saying once to the young poet Jake Campbell   "If you think it's good enough then keep it in the post." This year I have followed my own advice, with some really heartening results: poems have been taken for Envoi, the Rialto, the Frogmore Papers, the Journal, Acumen, the Interpreter's House, Antiphon, ink sweat and tears, 'And other Poems', and The Shot Glass Journal (the latter 4 are all on-line poetry magazines.)
Also I am one of 6 poets to be featured in Prole's forthcoming anthology "Caboodle" .

I simply decided to use up whatever I thought was 'good enough' of the poems which have languished in files for some time, plus new work. And it brought success. But like many poets I find the effort of submission tiring - all those SAEs, letters, newly printed-out bits of paper etc. So possibly that will be it for a while, a long rest is called for maybe before the next round? On the other hand, unless it's a question of e-mail submissions, it's good to help keep the Post Office in business. Not that this counts as big stuff, it isn't; to borrow a title from the above list, it's only 'ink sweat and tears' on my part!

Although this year, more smiles than tears.YES!

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