Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Been feeling a little disappointed that more was not made of Lee in his centenary year - bad luck to have the same year as the First World War, and also Dylan Thomas.I know celebrations were held in Stroud and rightly so; I just wanted more!

But my poetry reading group spent a night looking at his body of work, including the radio plays, and I have recently written a sort of response to his poem "April Rise",a thank-you rather for the poem. It's too late for it to go anywhere as the year is heading speedily towards its end so I'll post it on this blog instead.

To Laurie Lee, from Llandudno, with thanks for his poem “April Rise”

(in honour of his centenary)

If ever there were blessing in the air
it’s here, in this quiet evening light,
moonstone-blue at horizon’s edge.
It falls like silk on my tired eye.

The shaven head of the naked moon
peeps from night clouds closing in
as one by one the lights blaze out,
are doubled in the glaze of sea.

The Orme’s great hawk-shape spreads its wings,
scoops up the town in feathered hug;
white gulls slice a path through air,
brightness fills their wake.

Flocks of oystercatchers now
darken the line of salt-flecked sand;
their wistful piping carries loud,
like blessing in the night.

Round lamps gild the esplanade,
lacquered by smatterings of rain.
We look out at the bay and know
if ever world were blessed, it’s now.

Gill McEvoy

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