Sunday, 19 July 2015


Haven't posted anything lately as I've been sitting with my leg up on a pillow after falling off a wall; it's been too painful to sit and type but things are improving rapidly now and I am hoping to continue my series of reviews of the work of contributors to "Caboodle" (Prole Books), very soon.
I have tweeted occasionally because that's quick!!
Been thinking about the word 'common' as a prefix to so many species - saw a 'Common Footman Moth' , my first, the other day and fell in love with  its elegant beauty - anything but common. And since we are losing so much now, nothing deserves such a prefix.
I have a poem considering this question in a forthcoming Scholastic publication for children - 'The Common Newt' which will appear in Funny Poems for Children, (Animals) in September.

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