Monday, 28 September 2015


A welcome start to a week, in Beaton's Tearooms, Chester, to gather a group of writers together, and share poetry and breakfast for an hour! The event was very well-supported, Beaton's breakfast was excellent - croissants, pains au raisins, toasted tea cakes or simple toast and jam, lots of tea or coffee, and the poems read were very good, our theme was City life and we had poems on the good side of city life and the dark side, poems about London, Prague, Chester and Liverpool, poems about trains, traffic lights, bridges and many more. An hour's worth of delight for all concerned! We also had poems on the city walls, provided by Julia McGuinness who is soon to launch her first collection, about our historic walls, on October 21st, at Alexander's jazzbar.

We'll be running another event on Monday 2nd November, when the theme is "The Zoo". Chester Zoo has just added an elaborate section based on islands of the world and we hope for some poems on this theme, but anything to do with zoos, zoo animals, zoo keepers, visitors, the human zoo etc, will be welcomed.

Julia McGuinness

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