Monday, 7 December 2015


"The First Telling", which I wrote about in an earlier post, has won this tremendously generous award and I am reeling with joy! It was a splendid and glittery evening, a chance to meet everyone else on the shortlist, both poets and publishers and I very much enjoyed attending. Couldn't believe it when my name was listed as the winner. And I was delighted in a more sobering way as the first winner of this award was the late Elisabeth Burns, a very fine poet with whom I corresponded when she was suffering from cancer. She had seen my article on Louis MacNeice's poem "Snow" which sustained me greatly when I too was ill with cancer.
The winning of this award brought it home to me how lucky I am still to be here. Even luckier to be off to Greece next year to take up the 2 week residency at The Centre for Hellenistic Studies, Napflion, which is the second part of the award. I can't wait!

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