Tuesday, 16 March 2010


At last!! The cover of my new book, my first full collection of poetry, published by Cinnamon Press.

It's already on their poetry list with some very fine comments, although it is not due out until July.

The launch will be held in

Alexander's Jazztheatre Bar,
Rufus Court,
Chester, CH1 2JW.

on Monday July 19th at about 8 pm. Alexander's is a place with great atmosphere and good microphone systems, perfect for a book launch. It's also the place where my friends and I hold (packed) Open Floor Poetry nights, known as Zest!

I can't wait to hold a copy of The Plucking Shed in my very own hands. The book has been in preparation for over eighteen months, mainly because Cinnamon's lists and publishing schedule were so full, and during that time I have experienced an amazing creative rush, writing far more poems than this one book can hold. So at some point I shall have to start thinking about a second collection. But for now I just want to rejoice in this wonderful feeling of anticipation (which is occasionally dispelled brutally by waking in the night and thinking oh grief, suppose the reviews are bad...? And then - no, Redbotinki, don't go there, put your red boots on and keep walking!!)


  1. Ooooh! How exciting! The cover looks gorgeous.

  2. Hello Broken Biro, v pleased you like the cover - I'm just a bit delighted myself!!

  3. Thanks, Jan, I do feel excited about this!