Thursday, 4 March 2010


The online poetry webzine Snakeskin, run by George Simmers, features no less than three Happenstance poets this month, Alison Brackenbury, D A Prince, and myself. A veritable Happenstance coup.

Both of my pamphlets have been published by Happenstance, and this press has a wonderful scheme whereby if you sign up as a subscriber you receive a free Happenstance pamphlet of your choice, a discount on other purchases, and also - and this is a remarkable thing - an annual copy of the Happenstance Story, published each year as a Chapter in the life of the press. It is totally fascinating to have this glimpse behind the scenes of a publisher's life, frustrations, joys and responsibilities and every poet can learn an enormous amount from reading it.

It's not expensive to subscribe: £7.50 per annum, and the benefits are great because this is a truly great press, with a very thorough and generous editor in Helena Nelson who takes time over her poets' work, gives superb editorial advice, and produces some fine pamphlets. The press was only established in 2005 and has already been shortlisted for the new Michael Marks award for pamphlet publishers. How could you not want to be part of a press that has published Michael Mackmin, D A Prince, Alison Brackenbury, Rob A Mackenzie, Matt Meritt, Sally Festing? Apologies to those I've missed out but the list is very long, which in itself is proof of the extraordinary dedication of this press to publishing excellence. Do yourself a huge favour - subscribe and enjoy the poems!

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