Sunday, 8 February 2015


There is something joyful about an anthology - a handy source of poems for occasions/ reading groups/a happy-pick-and-chose for you to dip in and out of whenever you feel like it.

I've been fortunate recently to have several of my poems included in anthologies: The Book of Love and Loss (ed June hall and Rosie Bailey); Her Wings of Glass (Second Light ed by Myra Schneider, Penelope Shuttle and Dilys Wood); Blame Montezuma (a collection of poetry about chocolate, Happenstance Press);The Darker Side of Love (Paper Swans); Heart Shoots (Indigo Dreams); and, soon to come, Caboodle (Prole Books).

There's a further joy to being included: it's so good to see how other poets have tackled a shared theme. When you think there's nothing new to say about anything, that old Ecclesiastical gloom-thing, pick up an anthology and revise your opinion!

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