Sunday, 22 February 2015


For ovarian cancer awareness month in March, Ovacome, the UK charity for the disease, are urging mothers to tell their daughters about the tell-tale symptoms of Ovarian Cancer which are:


Eating less (no appetite);

Abdominal pain;

Talk to your GP!

It is, I feel, wrongly referred to here as the 'silent disease': in the USA it is called the 'whispering disease' and this I think is far more accurate.

Here is a poem, which is my way of telling:

Daughters, I need to tell you

about pain each time I bent over,

about being so breathless
I felt my lungs were leaving my chest.

About my stomach
huge as a full-term pregnancy.

About my surgeon’s eyes above his mask,
the brilliant blue of them.

About pressing the button
on the morphine pump –what you thought

was ‘courage/cheerfulness’
was simply outright stoned.

About the nights my body was so full
of knives I couldn’t sleep

and when death came in to tempt me
I almost welcomed it.

About the utter focus of my fight to live.

Daughters, I need to tell you this,

because I want it never to happen
to either of you.

 Gill McEvoy

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